Verde River


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A wonderful waterway that cuts across the state of Arizona, through the verdant Verde Valley all the way down to the Salt River outside Phoenix.  A wide variety of runs are possible along the Verde, ranging from peaceful flatwater one-day floats, to exciting whitewater, to multi-day wilderness trips in extremely remote country.  Stretches of the Verde have been designated under the Wild and Scenic River Act, and much of the river has been designated as a water trail/paddle trail. The only downside is that the Verde runs at low levels much of the year.  The ideal flow is during spring runoff, and the best sections may only have a couple weeks a year at ideal flows for boating.  But if you can catch it (or are willing to deal with low-water boating), the Verde is one of the nicest places in the state.

The USFS has published an excellent series of guides to the Verde, which can be viewed at the following link:

Run Name Class Current Flow Status
Lower Verde I to II 120.0 CFS
@ 10-05-2022 03:30
Too Low
Don't Bother
White Bridge to Beasley Flat II- to II 535.0 CFS
@ 10-05-2022 03:00
Get out there
Beasley Flat to Childs III- to IV+ 535.0 CFS
@ 10-05-2022 03:00
Hit some laps