We are humans. We are not fish. We don't breath well under water. When we hit rocks, it hurts us. When we don't breath oxygen, it messes us up. Bears and other large animals usually will win in an MMA fight if you are the opponent. Lightning feels much worse than a taze from your local neighborhood policeman. Gravity can be abrupt.

Use your brain and employ common sense. Don't get in over your head and have fun.

What does this mean?

    • The information contained on this site is provided by the community. We are not responsible for any of the information on this site. If you get wrong directions or the river is harder than listed or whatever, we will not be held responsible.
    • You are responsible for your own actions
    • We include this disclaimer because people sue people for any dumb reason these days
    • You probably should know how to swim before getting in water
    • You probably should go with more experienced folks until you become experienced
    • Knowing first aid and wilderness response techniques are a good idea