Rio Quijos


This is probably the most popularly kayaked river in all of Ecuador and for good reason.  It runs through a beautifully lush high elevation valley with plentiful rainfall.  Most of the river has quality sections of whitewater with a large flow range of runnable levels.  Most of the runs start at the confluence of the Papallacta and continue for probably 50 miles downstream.  Typically boaters visiting the area will stay in the small towns of Baeza, San Francisco de Borja, or El Chaco.  There is significant oil exploration and drilling in this area, which is a double edged sword.  Many people are hostile to American oil companies that have damaged the environment in this area, however the business has brought money the region and most people in this region are gainfully employed with adequate resources.  Besides the beautiful environment, the people in this region and friendly and generally laid back.

All flows on this river are visual and largely rain dependent, but this river generally runs year round, although sometimes can spike to scary high levels.

Run Name Class Current Flow Status
Cheesehouse (Casa de Queso) V- to V Visual or Unknown Visual
Bridge 1 to Borja IV Visual or Unknown Visual
Borja to Bridge 6 III to IV Visual or Unknown Visual