The Rio Mulatos carves a spectacular canyon through multiple layers of rock, ranging from reds and oranges in the upper section to some pink shades in the Barranca Mulatos. The lower section before the Rio Aros confluence are heavily vegetated (and quite green during the monsoons) with large bluffs eroded to form high rim rock headlands above the river. A number of ranchos are found along the river below the Barranca Mulatos, becoming more numerous near the confluence with the Rio Aros. Although the entire Mulatos/Aros/Yaqui trip has wonderful scenery, the whitewater of the Barranca Mulatos is the highlight of this trip. If the water is low or predicted to be high, the author suggests skipping this run on the Rio Mulatos and putting in at Natora on the Rio Aros. The lower section is runnable at a wide range of flows.

Run Name Class Current Flow Status
Barranca Mulatos IV to V- Visual or Unknown Visual