Ohio River

West Virginia-US  

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Even where the Ohio River meets the Mississippi the Ohio is not the type of river I would recommend stepping foot in. It is extremely murky, dirty, and in my opinion isn't very safe.

I took a geology class during a summer program in high school. We actually went out and tested the water. I had heard it wasn't the most sanitary.

However after that class and the results I have advices everybody to not so much as attempt to get into that water. 

Also it has a decently strong undercurrent and frankly with the lack of visibility and the amount of debris and pollution it's not a safe place to navigate while actually in the water.

I don't have much information on any type of activities or sports or leisurely things to do on it as I've honestly avoided it mostly. Hopefully somebody else can shed more light to any of those that may be available. I do know some people enjoy catfishing by the river front boat docks in my area. 

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