Christopher Creek - Christopher Creek

Kyle's Spelunking Slot

Rapid Details

Name Kyle's Spelunking Slot
Class V+

The next drop is difficult to scout.  The only way to get a good look is to commit to the river left eddy just above the drop.  Kyle was routed into this drop on the first descent.  His boat was wider than the slot causing him to flip and get stuck upside down in the slot.  He perservered, clawing and twisting his way off underwater rocks into the pool below.  This rapid would be perfect for a foamie boater, but for normal sized people in normal sized boats, it's a portage.

To portage, catch the small swirling eddy on river left, negotiate the cliff to the large rock outcropping, at which point the remainder of the portage is relatively straightforward.  Some teamwork moving boats out of the eddy isn't a bad idea.

Recommended Flows Minimum:
Elevation Feet
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Long -