Fossil Creek - Middle Falls to Bridge

Powerhouse Falls

Rapid Details

Name Powerhouse Falls
Class I to III+

Also known as Double Drop Falls, or "Left Is Not Right."  This is a Class III+ rapid with chutes on the left and right.  Right is easier, but the flow at the top of the rapid wants to pull you left.  You need to enter the rapid with enough momentum that you cross the left flow and get into the right channel.  If you screw it up, its possible to get pulled backwards into the left chute, which could be dangerous.  We usually position a safety person on the rock separating the left and right channels, to help push people onto the safe path.


Pull out to the right, just above the rapid.  On summer weekend, you'll see picnickers and partiers lining the banks before you hit the falls, making it easier to know when its coming.  There's also the foundations of the old Irving Power Plant on the right side of the river canyon that may give you a clue that the drop is coming.

Recommended Flows Minimum:
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat -
Long -

Powerhouse - dropping the right channel

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