Yampa River - Yampa Canyon

Warm Springs Rapid

Rapid Details

Name Warm Springs Rapid
Class III to IV

This is the most talked about rapid in the main Yampa Canyon.  The river narrows as it drops over the rock debri that was deposited by the warm spring flash flood in the 60's.  More rock fall occurred after 2010 slightly altering the entrance into the rapid.  

Run this rapid by staying right as you enter the rapid.  Pull/Push hard through some lateral waves coming off of the right bank to end up in the slower moving less turbulent water on river right.  You'll pass Godzilla hole here.  Once you are past that you can pull left hard to miss another hole at the bottom of the slower water just above maytag hole.  Doing this will have you pass left of maytag.  You can also just blast through the smaller hole above maytag and skirt maytag on the right.

If you miss the entrance and setup on warm springs you are gauranteed a white knuckle beating in Godzilla and probably Maytag holes.


Scout from the medium sized eddy on river right immediately above the rapid.  Scout trail is rocky with lots of boulder hopping.

Recommended Flows Minimum: 1000.0
Maximum: 20000.0
Length Feet
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat - 40.52906656
Long - -108.92841339

Upper Warm Springs

06-10-2016 - Approximately 13K cfs

Photo By: AFS

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