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New Features

  • Enhanced account river log (Searchable and new log fields)
  • Account Photo Gallery. Edit and manage photos you upload.
  • Water Trails - Add your favorite paddle board, kayak tour or other flat water adventure
  • Realtime flows on the Map for users with "show_flow_colors" checked
  • You can now toggle flow trends on the river list as a user
  • You can now add seconday or tertiary gauges per run
  • You can now create Flow Formulas. Add 2 or 3 gauges together or do any kind of math on gauge values
  • Sort Runs on the River Basin Page by Elevation Drop. See Colorado River as a sample.
  • Business listings and API support services for consumers

Mad Dog

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Electric Slide

right side

Photo By: Kevin Cripps

Subject: Chase Nobles


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