Fossil Creek


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A classic creeking run in Central Arizona.  One of the most scenic waterways in the state, with beautiful blue-green mineral water and unique travertine formations.  Fossil Creek is also special because it is one of the few year-round places to paddle in Arizona.  Base flow is in the 40s and with a shallow-draft boat and a tolerance for scraping, 40 is enough.

People have taken hard shells and IKs through here, though for my money the ideal vessel is a packraft, both for its shallow draft and to make the 1-mile (minimum) hike in tolerable.  If you do use a kayak, a shorter length is essential, as many of the drops require pretty intricate navigation to descend the one flow path deep enough for a boat.

One of Arizona's best!

Run Name Class Current Flow Status
Middle Falls to Bridge III+ 46.2 CFS
@ 06-19-2024 09:30
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