Colorado River - Horsethief and Ruby Canyons

State Line Campsite

Camp Details

Name State Line Campsite

(Sorry don't know the appropriate name): Fair size site. Mile marker 20.4. If you look to your right you will see painted on the wall (gruff  ) "Utah/Colorado"

LOOK closely at the cottonwoods along the river from here to Westwater for the Bald Eagles known to nest in the area. My family has watch Bald Eagles for hours play, sore and fight other pesky birds.   Backwaters nearby are spawning areas for the endangered Colorado Pikeminnow.  For millions of years this fish, which can live for 70 years or more, reigned as he top predator of the Colorado River reaching weights of 50-80 pounds and lengths of up to 6 FEET!!!  Known as the "White Salmon" or "Colorado Salmon" to early settlers, it was once so abundant that iwas commercially harvested.  Now F'n DAMS along the river have stopped the annual floods necessary to create its spawning habitat, and chages in the rivers' sediment loads and water temperatures threaten its continued existence.

Fee? No
Beach? No
Coordinates Lat: 39.116801
Long: -109.051586

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