Lower Boulder Canyon River Log

User Descent Date Notes
justin.payne 05-25-2012 Syd, Marc, Kevin, Juan
justin.payne 07-07-2012 240 cfs after huge rain
Miller Time 05-25-2012
Miller Time 07-07-2012

Chocolate BROWN! 

Miller Time 05-11-2013

Marc, Justin, and syd. 4 mile putting more water in creek than gauge claims

justin.payne 05-11-2013
justin.payne 05-19-2013
justin.payne 05-19-2013
justin.payne 05-19-2013
Miller Time 05-19-2013

Great day with some old friends. Justin, syd, Marc, and Greg. Still bony "nomad" what Marc says the flow might be. 

Miller Time 05-25-2013

kevin, levi, justin, syd, marc. Kevin swims entire buttress. Levi swims at bottom. what a show. 280 cfs

justin.payne 05-24-2013


justin.payne 05-24-2013


peterholcombe 07-15-2013

A little low but still fun. 

Miller Time 06-20-2014

I like the new run. Busier whitewater, not as difficult in the buttress though.  Levi Syd and simon

Miller Time 06-27-2014

Another Friday after work run. Nice bikinis today!!! 

Miller Time 06-26-2014

Olivia and Levi joined me. 300 cfs is a great level post 2013 flood.