Gore Canyon River Log

User Descent Date Notes
justin.payne 06-16-2012
Joshua Darnell 09-22-2012


Joshua Darnell 09-28-2012


Joshua Darnell 09-29-2012


Joshua Darnell 10-20-2012


Miller Time 06-16-2012
Joshua Darnell 04-05-2013

Low water Gore is still fun! Iced gauge, guess for flow at ~425cfs W/IF, AM, BB, Robb

Miller Time 08-23-2014

Levi's boat swam without him from scissors to toilet bowl. Ouch 

Miller Time 08-09-2014

Daniel, justin, Levi, Syd. first time running tunnel. Syd 1, tunnel 0 

Miller Time 09-06-2014

Rescued r2 at scissors and tunnel

Miller Time 09-14-2014

Last run of season. Levi syd and olivia.