Pumphouse River Log

User Descent Date Notes
molly.ferrer 06-01-2013

Put in pumphouse, took out at Radium Spring.  550 cfs.  Took boss, his wife, two kids, Bryan and boys.

molly.ferrer 08-24-2013

One day trip, camped at Pumphouse.

summitsurfer 07-21-2014

Fun level....

molly.ferrer 10-02-2014

Amazing fall day on the river.  Snow, aspen, pine, and white water.  Fun playing hookie with my sister :)  

Springs barely above water, not very warm b/c river water was coming in.

molly.ferrer 08-09-2014

Put in at pumphouse, took out at State Bridge.  Double full moon (supermoon plus naked fisherman).  Beautiful trip, had a great time, until the ride home...

molly.ferrer 08-15-2015

Nice run, yarmony grass weekend, plenty of characters in the hot springs.

molly.ferrer 10-11-2015

Dorian rowed the whole day.

molly.ferrer 05-14-2016

Great day on the river, hot springs covered.  Monthathongs took maiden voyage on baby beluga, Julian fished canoer out of the river after flip on Eye of the Needle.  Bertha ran it like a champ.

conorfell 10-20-2018

Cold day. Eye of the Needle was NBD at this flow.