Black Rock River Log

User Descent Date Notes
justin.payne 05-13-2012 214 cfs
Joshua Darnell 05-13-2012 214cfs
Joshua Darnell 05-16-2012 208cfs Ran canyon from Hwy 6 and Hwy 119 intersection to Golden. ~12 miles total.
Joshua Darnell 05-18-2012 236cfs
Joshua Darnell 06-06-2012 330cfs Ran canyon from Hwy 6 and Hwy 119 intersection to golden. ~12 miles total. Portaged Rigor.
Joshua Darnell 06-15-2012 233cfs
justin.payne 06-01-2012
justin.payne 06-04-2012
justin.payne 06-08-2012
justin.payne 06-15-2012 Narrows only, Syd handpaddled Rigo
Miller Time 05-06-2012
Miller Time 05-13-2012

hand paddles and play boat = swim

Miller Time 06-01-2012
Miller Time 06-08-2012

after work. canyon finally open

Miller Time 05-23-2013

285 cfs. Justin runs rigo twice then splits.  Juan, Bridget, Fremont, Pete, Syd run entire section. Shitty line at Rigo

justin.payne 05-22-2013

2 laps on rigo

jetman_jake 05-17-2013
Miller Time 07-09-2013

1 swimmer at rigo.  Maybe a broken boat

Miller Time 07-16-2013

Levi's first trip. He skipped rigo.  Great day! 

Miller Time 09-22-2013

One of my favorite levels for BR

justin.payne 07-28-2013
Miller Time 05-10-2014

Hand paddling through rigo was a bad choice. My hands likely have nerve damage from the cold water

Joshua Darnell 05-20-2014

We all took out below narrows.

fresch 05-11-2016

Too low for Rigo. Took out at Culvert.  Black Rock rapid seemed harder at these low flows or it could of been my first class V of the year