Desolation Canyon River Log

User Descent Date Notes
dbstrats 06-05-2010

5 day trip from the 5th to the 9th. Awesome weather and high water made this the perfect trip. No bugs at all until we got down to Nefertiti.

dbstrats 07-20-2011 5 day trip. Stayed at Jack Creek 1, Log Cabin and Wire Fence for 2 nights. Flows were around 18000 to 16000 CFS. Bugs were a slight nuisance but not bad. Always a good time on Deso.
bh5k 06-05-2013
Highside 06-29-2013

Great trip for family.  6 day trip, no misquitoes but gnats and biting flies, all tolerable.  All rapids pretty much read and run at this flow.  We did stop and scout Joe Hutch and Three fords.  Camped at Stampede flat (not the greatest and would recommend stopping before this), Cedar Ridge Canyon (awesome site), Three Canyon (Great site). Camping was an issue our forth night.  Ended up sharing a beach at Rabbit Valley...thanks Western River Expeditions! All sites from Joe Hutch down were taken, not as many sandbars as I thought there would be at this flow. This is a great site but much farther than we wanted to go and not too fun sharing beach.  Lots of good occupied sites before then. Our last night we stayed at Nefertiti. We were worried that we might get road traffic but no one came on the road.  A great beach and swimming hole plus pit toliets! Was surprised how many people on river but none the less the kids loved the trip as did the adults! We shuttled our vehicles ourselves and it is a much easier trip now that 9 mile canyon is paved, only took us 3+ hours to get to Green River (a beautiful drive as well).  Camped at airport and flew in to Sand Wash.

gnarlord 09-17-2014

5 day trip, Jackson Villain and Oar boat

Diamondtail 05-18-2015

Weather was cold with intermittent rain storms every day, including an instance of hail.  River running pretty high (14K - 16K CFS) with good rapids.

moodaddy 06-10-2015

Rookie run.  First time on the sticks and had a blast!

molly.ferrer 06-19-2016

satrted at 24k, ended at 15K.  7 days.

bh5k 06-13-2016

Family run with friends down Deso!