Colorado River - Gore Canyon

Shawn's Hole (aka Kayaker's Nightmare)

Rapid Details

Name Shawn's Hole (aka Kayaker's Nightmare)
Class IV

Just before Tunnel rapid is a sleeper hole that I call "Shawn's Hole", though some may know it as "Kayaker's Nightmare".  The gradient steepens slightly, and in the center, behind what looks like just a wave is a decent sized hole that can give you a rodeo ride.  My buddy Shawn swam it his first time down.  When he returned for redemption, he warned everybdoy about this hole, and then proceeded to drop straight into it and pull his skirt.

Recommended Flows Minimum:
Length Feet
Elevation 7119.01 Feet
Coordinates Lat - 40.0169171
Long - -106.47270083

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