Colorado River - Gore Canyon


Rapid Details

Name Tunnel
Class V-

Love it or hate it, this is the nastiest looking hole on the run.  Combine that with a tricky class IV entrance that usually blinds the paddler at the lip of the drop, and paddlers should be thankful that it terminates in one of the best pools in the entire canyon section.  There are "sneaks" on far river left and far river right, but at most levels, the sneaks are just as liable to land you in the hole as running it up the gut with a lot of speed.  In the high water year of 2011, this drop changed slightly, making it easier above 1100cfs, but difficult at lower levels.  Surfs and swims are not uncommon here, but usually don't result in any damage.  Be careful of the undercut rock on river left.

Recommended Flows Minimum:
Length Feet
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat - 40.016806
Long - -106.474603

Tunnel Rapid

11-03-2013 -

Photo By: Kevin Cripps

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