Saint Vrain, South Fork - SSV - Confluence to Picnic Grounds

Narrows - Wall and Clamshell Boofs

Rapid Details

Name Narrows - Wall and Clamshell Boofs
Class V-

The flow constrictions against the right cliff wall and drops over a 5-6 foot ledge. Crank a glorious boof over this ledge, stay right (unless you're racing) and boof the left edge of the clamshell hump at the next horizon line to avoid a rock in the landing zone.

Recommended Flows Minimum:
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat -
Long -

Clamshell Boof

05-18-2013 - Aim for the left side to avoid the rock in the landing

Photo By: Kevin Cripps

Subject: Lucas Spaulding