Arkansas River - Pueblo Whitewater Park

Left hook - Drop 7

Rapid Details

Name Left hook - Drop 7
Class I

Munchy crunchy and punchy. Fun wave to surf that can grab you and get challenging at higher flows. Especially river left. It is sticky enough to easily roll up in the hole and stay if you flip. Swimmers above 2000 cfs have been known to take a bit of a thrashing if they don't cannonball out of the feature.

This hole will tweak a shoulder river left above 1200 cfs if you rely on the high brace vs the low brace. It is very fun to surf for the intermediate surfer but can test the metal of the up and coming with its strong Left Hook. 


You can easily portage river right or scout. Also read and run at all flows. A strong forward paddle will punch the feature. River left is quite a bit more retentive than river middle. River right is the easiest way through at higher flows.

Recommended Flows Minimum:
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat -
Long -