Arkansas River - Pueblo Whitewater Park

Take me home - Drop 8

Rapid Details

Name Take me home - Drop 8
Class II- to III+

Nice wave train home when taken from river left. The flow takes you from river left to river right and allows you to exit the river in an eddy behind the second boulder. Friendly and fun run. DO NOT run river middle or right. Steeper pourover style drop that has hammer the non-paddler. It has sucked in more experienced paddlers who can from below the feature. An avid class IV creeker had his bell rung on this one after getting stuck in the feature. When he pulled his skirt the was thrown down and pile driven into the bottom of the river and got his bell rung on the rocks.


You can scout from river right or stay 15 feet off of the levy wall on river left and just read and run. Do not run middle or river right unless you have a fair bit of speed and skill.

Recommended Flows Minimum: 5000.0
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat -
Long -