Saint Vrain, North Fork (North Saint Vrain) - NSV

Class IV Above Cali Section

Rapid Details

Name Class IV Above Cali Section
Class IV

This is about a 2 mile section between the "Murkwood" steep manky class V section above it and the California Section below it.  If you choose the lower access point, you enter the creek near the top of this section.  Stay on your toes became people get into trouble here.  There's a dangerous seive that was featured on Sean Lee's video intro to NSV midway through this section.  The spot looks rather innocuous, but can lure a boater into the dangerous the seive around a left hand turn at lower water.  As of 2013, it can be easily identified because it immediately follows the second line strung overhead across the river.  Stay right immediately after passing the second line and you can avoid the spot entirely.

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