Crystal River, North Fork - North Fork Crystal

The Gorge

Rapid Details

Name The Gorge
Class V

The gorge consists of several drops in the bottom half of the run.  The entrance requires making a boof and saying straight and upright throw a manky slide.  Once you've run the first slide you're fairly committed to the gorge.  A couple of small ledge holes lead into what appear to be the crux of the gorge.  At low water a signficant amount of water is pushing into an badly seived out rock that's not inclined to eat a boat, but could easily cause a flip.  The drop can be portaged on river right.  A technical set of manky ledges follow and an exit waterfall in the 12 foot range, followed by a few more stair stepping ledges. 

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The heart of the gorge

06-29-2013 - low water

Photo By: Kevin Cripps

Subject: Ian Howells, Fremont Shields, Steve Rako