South Boulder Creek - Upper South Boulder Creek


Rapid Details

Name Trainspotting
Class V

After a very short warm-up through some class II and class III, a train bridge across the river signals the start of Trainspotting.  A large eddy on the river right before the river goes under the bridge provides an easy scout eddy.  This rapid has three components: the top hole, the first ledge and the second ledge.  Screwing up the top hole is often where things go wrong.  The best line on the second drop is off the ledge right of center, but lines to the right of it generally go as well.  The second ledge is best run off the autoboof on the right side if there's enough water.  At low water, a right to left move through a funky seam into a hole is required on the second tier.  

Recommended Flows Minimum:
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat -
Long -


05-19-2013 - boof-tastic

Photo By: Kevin Cripps

Subject: Chase Nobles