South Boulder Creek - Upper South Boulder Creek

Grand Piton National Park

Rapid Details

Name Grand Piton National Park
Class V

This may be my favorite rapid on the run, which is really just a long stretch of class V continuous whitewater.  Although it's often run blind, when in doubt check for wood, especially in the entrance slot drop.  Below LZ Falls, follow the boogie water down the center or right of center until a prominent rock appears in front of you.  The water splits into two channels.  One of my guides on my first run down told me, "Go right.  You can go left, but you go under some rocks and stuff. It goes though."  My other guide turned to me and said, "Don't go left."  


After going right, work a little back to the center to punch a hole and squeeze through a slot.  More continuous boogie water follows until it steepens again for a final set of small ledges and holes.  It's possible to eddy out before it steepens again on river right, river left, or in the center of the river.  The general line is to start left, work right with the current, punch a couple of holes, boof off the main ledge towards the left and hang on for the rest of the ride.  If everything goes well, your grin will be ear to ear in the eddy at the bottom.

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