Gunnison River - Black Canyon (M-Box)

18 Foot Waterfall

Rapid Details

Name 18 Foot Waterfall
Class V

This iconic waterfall lies in the heart of the canyon.  Fortunately the pool above it is as flat as can be.  While staying your boat you can crawl right to the lip and peer over the edge.  Although the move is relatively straightforward (just boof!), penciling the landing straight has serious consequence due to a rock in the landing zone.  I'd heard a story of a woman who broke her ankles here and had to helicoptered out (which was a feat in and of itself).  The usual move is to enter the main spout with speed, a bit of left angle, and boof as hard as you can.  This will usually place you in the river left eddy.  Be careful peeling out of this eddy as the rock below it is a sieve.  The portage starts on river right immediately after the waterfall.

Recommended Flows Minimum:
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