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Dead Zone (25 footer)

Rapid Details

Name Dead Zone (25 footer)
Class V

This is the big waterfall on OBJ.  Unfortunately, its historical name, Dead Zone is pretty lame - somebody please come up with a better name.  The bad news is, this waterfall isn't exactly clean.  The good news is, the setup is relatively straightfoward if you're control above it.  There is a shelf on river right in the landing zone that has broken ankles.  I have also heard of broken backs here.  My best guess is this occurs if you are positioned too far left and land flat in the green water.

The ideal line involves running in center, in the main flow, and landing somewhere between 45 degrees and vertical.  It is possible to get beat down under the falls here, but most people who have a bit of angle and speed pop out below.  The other trick to this waterfall is it drops out just below a 90 degree bend in the river that means you don't see it until you're about to fall over it.  

Recommended Flows Minimum:
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