Mulatos - Barranca Mulatos


Rapid Details

Name Amargosa
Class III+ to IV+

This is the first big rapid in Barranca Mulatos and is just upstream of Arroyo Amargosa (RL). It should be possible to scout (and take pictures!) on RR unless the water is very high. The main drop of 1-2 meters is on the right of center and is a slide through a narrow slot. The slot may be too narrow for rafts at low water.

To the left of the main drop are large boulders with various slots, possibly large enough for a kayak. At high water, these create very dangerous pour-overs with retentive holes. At extremely low water, we lowered the rafts (with rope) from the left side boulders. It is possible to camp on the rocks at Amargosa at very low water.


Scout from small eddy (at average flow) on RR. To the right of the main drop is a bedrock outcrop that has a couple of narrow slots where the water flows at moderate to high levels. In the slot at the upstream end of the bedrock is a boulder that is a good gauge of water levels. If it is barely covered, flows are ideal; when just a trickle around it, flows are low; if completely covered, flows are high and the Barranca could be very challenging.

Recommended Flows Minimum:
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat - 28.74965
Long - -108.75888889

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