Mulatos - Barranca Mulatos

Dos Mas

Rapid Details

Name Dos Mas
Class IV- to IV+

Located where the river turns back to the northwest are two significant drops. The first is a near river-wide ledge where the current breaks through just right of center. It looks big at high water, but runs pretty soft in the center tongue. Be aware of the huge rock downstream on RL that forms an undercut sieve about 50 feet below the main drop.

Be wary and ready to pull away from a huge boulder pour over at the second drop (unscoutable at higher water) as this is exactly where your boat will be pulled by the swift current. At low water, it was possible to line the rafts/cats on either side of the lower drop. The scenic gorge continues downstream with some impressive canyon walls.


You may be able to scout the first drop on RL at some flows, particularly lower flows.

Recommended Flows Minimum:
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat - 28.79330556
Long - -108.73820833

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