Green River - Desolation Canyon

Joe Hutch

Rapid Details

Name Joe Hutch
Class II to III

This rapid was altered in 2008 due to flood/runoff. Many consider this rapid the most difficult in Desolation and Gray Canyon. Hit the left tongue avoiding holes on either side of the tongue and then ride the big wave train and pull away from the left river bank where it piles into some rocks.  At higher water you can go right (although I'm not sure why you would since you will miss the best ride through this rapid)


Scout on the right several hundred yards upstream from the rapid.

Recommended Flows Minimum: 1000.0
Maximum: 23000.0
Length 300 Feet
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat - 39.39465004
Long - -110.01929998

Joe Hutch

06-07-2010 - Riding the Left Tongue @ 20,000 CFS

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