Lake Creek - Lake Chelatna to Yetna

The Rock Garden

Rapid Details

Name The Rock Garden
Class III

This is a class IV section that is pretty technical and easy to hang up on a rock. Lot's of narrow passages. I think this section would actually be easier with more water. It should be less narrow. The Rock Garden is more of a series of rapids though and will take you about 2 hours.


At the GPS coordinate, you can get out on the left hand side and scout the narrowest part of the rapids. There is a toilet seat (I have no idea why) hanging from a branch on the side of the river that you can tie up and walk down a ways.

Recommended Flows Minimum: 10000.0
Maximum: 10000.0
Length Feet
Elevation 624.0 Feet
Coordinates Lat - 62.1
Long - -150.957778

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