South Platte River, North Fork - Bailey Canyon

Four Falls (aka Foley Falls)

Rapid Details

Name Four Falls (aka Foley Falls)
Class V

This rapid consists of four distinct drops.  The first drop sets the class V rating.  The remainder of the drops are class IV in nature.


The first drop is frequently portaged due to a significant amount of water pouring into cut out rock on river left.  Although the move is class IV, the consequences are class V.  Most people portage but the rapid is still run frequently and although life threatening situations seem to be rare, beatdowns in the hole occur regularly and almost always result in an out of boat experience that takes the swimmer deep.

The second drop is a 3-4ft sloping drop ready to stern squirt any boater with a mistimed boof.  Keep your weight forward, utilize a delayed boof stroke and be prepared for the often rocky runout.

The third drop is an easy boof normally run down the middle but a sloppy entrance can result in a hole surf.

The fourth drop is an easy and fun 3 foot boof.


Historically, it was thought that the land around Four Falls was private.  We have Ian Foley to thank for correcting this mistake.  He prompted a survey in June of 2013 that revealed the private land boundary starts a couple hundred yards upstream of the normal portage/scout eddy for Four Falls and all the land around Four Fall is public national forest land.  As always, tread lightly and be respectiful of the land you pass through, but there are no longer any concerns about trespassing on private property at this rapid.

Four Falls can sneak up on the unsuspecting boater.  When the canyon begins to tighten, keep an eye out for a decent sized eddy on river right.  If you see a steep, more dramatic cliff wall on river left with a horizon line, you are likely approaching the first fall.  There is a graded path to use for the portage and scout on river right. 

Recommended Flows Minimum:
Length Feet
Elevation 7507.0 Feet
Coordinates Lat - 39.388022
Long - -105.422084

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