South Platte River, North Fork - Bailey Canyon


Rapid Details

Name Supermax
Class V- to V

After the steeps the action mellows out.  Dodge some rocks and keep an eye out for Supermax.  For the last several years, the last good eddy before Supermax has been marked by a cairn on river left.  Keep your eyes peeled because this rapid can sneak up on you.  For most, Supermax is the crux rapid of the run.  The river makes a strange bend in the top half just above a nasty looking undercut.  Most people who get too friendly with the undercut flush through, but I have heard reports of boaters getting stuck in their boats in the undercut and having to swim out.

The bottom half is run more frequently and is referred to affectionately as Tampax.  Those who chose to skip the upper half have only run Tampax.  Tampax should not be taken lightly either, but tends to be very forgiving for the amount of gradient it drops.

At high water, the undercut is less in play but the holes in Tampax become significant.


Scout along the obvious path on river left.  Look for wild raspberries in the fall.

Recommended Flows Minimum:
Length Feet
Elevation 7893.0 Feet
Coordinates Lat - 39.39032
Long - -105.417561


08-08-2012 -

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