Colorado River - Gore Canyon

Gore Rapid

Rapid Details

Name Gore Rapid
Class V- to V

This signature rapid is the most analyzed in all of Colorado.  A decent sized horizon line signals its presence shortly after Applesauce.  Gore rapid offers numerous lines meticulously named after characters from Gilligan's Island.  The trick in all cases is to avoid "Ginger", the sticky hole in the center of the drop.  A V- line exists on river right popularly called "The Sneak" or "Mary Ann". The crux move is peeling back into the main current without losing control.  Harder lines exist in channels left of the sneak.  "The Professor" is a technical move that puts the boater just to the right of Ginger.  The "Meat" or "Raft" line is a cool left to right move from the left curler to the right of Ginger.  Finally, the "Cowboy" or "Left-Left" line, involves a well timed boof stroke to boof off the left curler, landing to the left of Ginger.

Recommended Flows Minimum:
Length Feet
Elevation 7260.05 Feet
Coordinates Lat - 40.02526478
Long - -106.45516992

Gore Rapid

09-09-2011 - Meat Line at 1350 cfs

Photo By: Kevin Cripps

Subject: Brian Bank

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