Rogue River - Grave Creek to Foster Bar

Blossom Bar

Rapid Details

Name Blossom Bar
Class III+ to IV+

This is a complex boulder strewn rapid, and should be scouted before running.  The typical run starts on the far left then moves center  through a narrow chute, then back to the left.  There are notorious wrap rocks on the dreaded Pickett fence so be sure to scout this if you are running it for the first time. 


There is a cliff with several pull ins and  eddies on river right.  The water is backed up above Blossom so it is pretty easy to pull in and scout the rocks are slippery and steep and there is poison oak along the route.

Recommended Flows Minimum: 700.0
Maximum: 35000.0
Length 1500 Feet
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat - 42.702611
Long - -123.9186972

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