Rogue River - Grave Creek to Foster Bar

Rainie Falls

Rapid Details

Name Rainie Falls
Class III to IV

This is a class V waterfall, most people run the small side channel known as the fish ladder or run the middle chute which is also called the Dory chute.  If you have never run the river before the Fish Ladder can be tricky to find.  You will hear the roar of Rainie and you will see the horizon line of the falls.  The water backs up before Rainie so you can stop easily.  The fish ladder is on river right hand shore pull in when the river starts getting rocky you will see scout trails heading into the willows.  Scout your entry because it does split into channels, the channel is narrow, shallow and rocky so once you are in it you can't make many moves it is crash and bash.  This is one can be an oar breaker so ship your oars when you enter. You will quickly discover the places you can get hung up so it is helpful have some one standing there to help you disengage.  There should only be one boat in the fish ladder at a time, you don't want to pile into someone who is stuck.  It is good to have a whistle so people know when you are through.    The middle chute is next to the main falls and is very tricky to find at medium water levels if you have never done it before follow someone who knows the passage or take the fish ladder you can easily run the main drop by accident.   At low water <1000 cfs the middle chute is the easiest route past Rainie and the rocks are above water so someone can help you line up.

 More on shore accidents occur at the Fish Ladder than any other section of the river, the ground is very rocky and wet, many turned ankles and skinned knees especially if you are lining a boat through this section. Watch for posion oak.  If you want a good view of the falls pull up on the sand bar on the left and walk up the trail to the falls.  You will not see the falls from the Fish Ladder.  It is spectacular waching the big fish trying to jump the falls during spring and fall runs.  


Look for scout trails in the willow on river right just above the drop.

Recommended Flows Minimum: 700.0
Maximum: 35000.0
Length Feet
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat - 42.64954
Long - -123.61515

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