Owyhee River - Lower (Rome to Leslie Gulch)


Rapid Details

Name Upset
Class II+ to III+

Most of the lower Owyhee is read and run without scouting.  About 12 miles down Upset tends to sneak up on folks because there is really easy water before this rapid and  at medium flows it isn't much of an issue except you can't see it until you make the left hand turn.  At higher flows >5000 it is harder to read and a wave train sets up.  Upset and Bulls Eye are very close together and at higher water are hard to distinguish.  When you get to Upset and Bulls Eye stay out of the main wave train because a nasty hole lurks at the bottom.  A friend was trashed in this hole for about 30 minutes and a guided trip lost an inflatable kayak passenger there (drowned).  You can't really scout it just be aware of the hazard and stay out of the main wave train.  At low flows these rapids can get very tight.



Recommended Flows Minimum: 900.0
Maximum: 10000.0
Length Feet
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat -
Long -