Owyhee River - Lower (Rome to Leslie Gulch)


Rapid Details

Name Montgomery
Class II+ to III+

This is consider the hardest rapid on the lower stretch, there is a boulder field you must negotiate at medium and low water and at high water  large waves develop.   At medium high you can do this as a read and run rapid enter left and pull to the center, at lower levels it is worth a scout if you haven't done it before because the river takes a dramatic left turn and can be hard to see. At the end of this rapid are 2 rocks on river left  it is very difficult pulling against the river through this turn and likely you will end up heading for these 2 rocks.  A narrow chute runs through the rocks  At higher water 2 large holes deveolp on either just run the chute it is much less work and less risky than trying to run it right.  At low water 700 CFS you can make the pull right of the 2 rocks but the chute is still an easy run.  I would call this a III+ .


Scout on river right near the debris field, but I have scouted river left as well

Recommended Flows Minimum: 700.0
Maximum: 10000.0
Length Feet
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat -
Long -