Owyhee River - Lower (Rome to Leslie Gulch)


Rapid Details

Name Nuisance
Class II+ to III+

This rapid is only an issue if you run it at very low water <1000.  At about 1000 it is worth a scout so you know where to enter, I have run this at around 650- 700 and it was a very technical rapid, we managed to squeeze through a right entry then center run after being hung up and one boat went far  right and luckily made it through, we flipped one boat at that water level. If you are doing this at very low water be sure to scout this, because it becomes the hardest rapid on the river.  There is a a scout on the left that is easier but at low water you might want to look at it from the right, that means hiking through willows and poison oak a nasty, scout.  At most water levels is is an easy read and run rapid. 


left at 1000 CF you might consdier right at flows of 650cfs

Recommended Flows Minimum: 500.0
Maximum: 10000.0
Length Feet
Elevation Feet
Coordinates Lat -
Long -