American River, South Fork - Chili Bar

Racehorse Bend (Sluice Box) Rapid

Rapid Details

Name Racehorse Bend (Sluice Box) Rapid
Class III- to III+

This is a longer rapid as the river makes a river left turn.  Rocky at certain levels.  Follow the main wave train around to the left.  Watch the right bank at the bottom of the rapid as most of the flow runs up against it.  Lot's of lateral waves throughout this rapid can easily flip IK's or hard shells.  Not too bad though if you keep your eye on them.


Read and run

Recommended Flows Minimum: 800.0
Maximum: 4000.0
Length Feet
Elevation 908.81 Feet
Coordinates Lat - 38.77163711
Long - -120.8423234

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