Salt River - Lower Salt

Bull Dog (Rocky Road, Pinball Alley)

Rapid Details

Name Bull Dog (Rocky Road, Pinball Alley)
Class II- to II

Sometimes called Bull Dog for the cliff faces on river left just before the rapid, or alternitively called Rocky Road for all the large boulders the pop up at low water, this is a very simple class 2 in all but the lowest water. Also referred to as Pinball Alley by local paddling groups.  The biggest danger is the low sweeper/strainer (water level dependant) leaning out from river left at the bottom of the run. In high water (1200+) there will simply be a few rock tops to avoid and plenty of splashy waves. At low water, generally there will be three channels, with the middle bing the deepest and a large rock bar and bush complex between the right most channel and the middle channel. Again, beginner friendly being on the very bottom of class 2 but if you don't want to run anything bouncy it is optional. This rapid is located on the left side of an island. Running the right side, one will miss all but the last wave of the rapid, so about a quarter mile up, go right to avoid, left to run.


No need to scout, even at very low water with lots of rocks, it's still very easy to see all but the last wave from the last turn entering the rapid and the run barely rates a 2 anyway.

Recommended Flows Minimum: 400.0
Maximum: 1500.0
Length 515 Feet
Elevation 1384.0 Feet
Coordinates Lat - 33.54735
Long - -111.572321

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