Deschutes River - Canyon Run (Lower Bridge to Billy Chinook Res.)



Canyon Run is a fun Kayak run when the water is flowing.  Unfortunatley that doesn't happen fequently since most of the Deschutes above Billy Chinook Reservoir is used for irrigation.  This can be run year round but look for really raining periods or pre-farming season to get the most water in here.

There are several access points to shorten or lengthen this run (see accesses).  One downfall of this run is you will have about a 2 mile paddle out on the reservoir.  No one said that a little paddle excercise ever killed anyone though.

For the most part this run is characteristic of a pool drop rapid river in a nice canyon.  Most everything can be portaged if you are intimidated by anything.  See the rapids section for info on the Falls and their portaging.

Flows are currently obtained from the Bureau of Reclamation site here (


Class IV- to IV+
Current Flow Visual or Unknown
Recommended Flow Minimum: 700.0
Average: 1200.0
Maximum: 2000.0
Typical Season Begins: January
Ends: December
Recommended Use Kayaking: Yes
Rafting: No
Canoeing: No
Packrafting: No
Fishing: No
Primary Gauge VISUAL
Length 15.5 Mile(s)
Gradient 38.4 FPM