Weber River - Ogden Play Park



The Ogden Kayak Park offers an urban park-n-play experience just outside of downtown Ogden. The park offers good fun from about 150 cfs up to 1000 cfs. The park was built in the year 2000 at the urging and with the help of local kayakers. It was the first professionally designed play-park in Utah and really drew attention to the area as a kayaking destination. Two years later, in 2002, more rock was brought in, and the bottom two holes were moved, and a the old dam that formed the second hole was demolished, leaving a large pool with amphitheatre style banks. Most of the time boaters will play at the first hole then float through the bottom two when it is time to get out. There is a bike trail on river left and a bridge just upstream of the first hole that provides a good vantage point for onlookers. Fifty yards upstream of the park is a low-head dam or wier that can provide a good popup if one of the gates is open. During late summer and low water years the park is less a destination for kayakers and more a local hangout and swimming hole. During medium flows it is offers a great place for beginning and intermediate boaters to get in some friendly hole surfing. And in high water it consists of three fairly intimidating wide holes that can take a little work to get out of. 


Class III-
Current Flow 1640.0 CFS
05-24-2024 06:30

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Recommended Flow Minimum: 150.0
Average: 400.0
Maximum: 1000.0
Typical Season Begins: January
Ends: January
Recommended Use Kayaking: Yes
Rafting: Yes
Canoeing: Yes
Packrafting: No
Fishing: No
Length 0.06 Mile(s)
Gradient 80.0 FPM