Weber River - Peterson to Eggs



Here is a good open boat canoe run for those looking for something less demanding but still interesting. This is a shallow twisty little section of the Weber with very little actual whitewater. There are three diversion dam drops that are very easy at low water. Scout at high water if you need to. At the end of the run, just after the railroad bridge, there is a nice little drop. If you take the right channel under the bridge, you'll find a single 2' drop at the end with very little drama. Take the left channel for the fun route. The tongue is clean and a little splashy but run it left to right to boof off a nice 3' drop along the built up wood pile. Following your boof, you'll have another smaller drop to follow. You can take out river left and carry back up above the drop and rerun this section pretty easily. Beware of fences. At high water it will be an issue. Pics to be posted at a later date. Gauge info still to be figured out. It was running much lower than the Round Valley section and abou the same or slightly lower than the eggs when I ran it.


Class II
Current Flow 308.0 CFS
06-19-2024 10:00
Recommended Flow Minimum: 350.0
Average: 700.0
Maximum: 1100.0
Typical Season Begins: March
Ends: September
Recommended Use Kayaking: Yes
Rafting: Yes
Canoeing: Yes
Packrafting: No
Fishing: No
Length 4.0 Mile(s)
Gradient FPM