Weber River - Riverdale to 24th



This run is a great beginner run for those looking to get some river experience before trying III's or higher. However, some paddling experience is required to avoid potential hazards. (not rocomended for pure noobs)During spring runoff, before the diversions are diverting, this run can be done when the gage reads ~200cfs with little scraping. Note: As with any tree-lined run, hazards include overhanging tree limbs/branches/dead fall which can appear and dissappear with the seasons. All the ones I have encountered on this run can be seen well in advance for taking evasive action. So this section starts out pretty strait forward, put in at the Riverdale Wave take out. About a hundred yards down, and at low flows, the current gets spit into a pretty strong eddy river left where you can practice eddying out then ferrying back into the current. You'll also notice how deep the river can get here so this run can make for a great 'roll practice run'. A reliable roll would come in handy, anyways, if you get topsy-turvey playing around in the current, no notable rapids, yet, maybe a few riffles. After the Parker Drive bridge is probably the tamest section of the run. Look out for wood buildup at the bridge! After a mile, or so, you'll see a high then low railroad bridge(right next to each other) and something of a diversion structure that diverts water into Fort Buenaventura pond to the right. It is the only notable rapid on the run and I have dubbed this rapid Fort B. Rapid for obvious reasons. Multiple routes exist, depending on the flows, all strait foward and mostly scoutable 'on the fly', but look out for dead wood buildup(see pic), rocks poking out, and other urban run hazards. The river gets pretty mellow and meandering with some other swirley pushy sections, especially on the sharp corners. Right as you get to the baseball diamonds on the left the river makes some sharp turns (left, then right, then left again) with some nasty overhangs/strainers requiring you to stay on the inside of the corners as much as possibe(see pics). Another quarter mile or so of easy paddling and your at the diversion structure right before the 24th street park. From here, you might as well run the OPP drops(at least the first one) since you should have a vehicle here to warm back up in and the pools have large, deep eddys for recovery. 95% of this run is scoutable from the Riverdale river walk/trail thing.


Class II
Current Flow 461.0 CFS
07-17-2024 22:30

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Recommended Flow Minimum: 400.0
Average: 600.0
Maximum: 2000.0
Typical Season Begins: January
Ends: January
Recommended Use Kayaking: Yes
Rafting: Yes
Canoeing: Yes
Packrafting: No
Fishing: No
Length 3.0 Mile(s)
Gradient 20.0 FPM