Weber River - Round Valley



This is a great run for beginner boaters looking to try their paddling skills on a river. If you want to test yourself on the water before moving up to something like the Hen-Tag run, this is for you. There are no clearance problems on any of the bridges at any water level and the two class II drops are mild. The scenery is excellent and wildlife viewing is good too. For a nice longer float add this section to your Hen-Tag run. It is a relaxing cool-down after the upper section and makes for a very enjoyable 11-12 mile float trip. A little over a mile into the run and just before the river enters Round Valley, you will take a sharp left turn and go over a small diversion dam. It is a simple run over a short wave train. There is a large rock river left. Run to the right of this rock. A short distance below, the river goes over another diversion dam. There are pillow rocks both left and right. Run center. At lower water you will possibly hit rocks anywhere on this one. The river meanders several mellow miles through Round Valley and enters the narrows marking the beginning of Morgan Valley. You will approach the fair grounds here and eventually come to a sharp right turn with trees on the right and the fairgrounds stockyards beyond. You will see a fence-line that comes right down to the river on your right. Take out just past this fence unless you plan on running the large diversion dam that lies just around the corner. It is about a 6 foot drop that has a very nasty reversal at high water levels. At lower water it is runnable on the left but is still a significant danger. Always scout this first. If you take out here it is a short walk down the dirt road through the pasture along the river back to the Fairgrounds road. 


Class II
Current Flow 1180.0 CFS
06-16-2024 07:00
Recommended Flow Minimum: 400.0
Average: 600.0
Maximum: 1400.0
Typical Season Begins: January
Ends: January
Recommended Use Kayaking: Yes
Rafting: Yes
Canoeing: Yes
Packrafting: No
Fishing: No
Length 5.5 Mile(s)
Gradient 20.0 FPM