Riverbrain Comps

We are currently offering 4 competitions on a yearly basis (awarded at the end of Sept. of each year).

Jack of all rivers, master of none Award

This is awarded to the person who floats the most unique runs for the year. So if you find yourself hitting the same run over and over, this won't be the competition for you.

Water Logged Award

This is awarded to the person who logs the most time on the river. This doesn't include shuttle time or waiting at the put-in time. This is actual time on the river, running it, surfing it, paddling in it. Multi-day rafters can log a lot of river hours so if you are a kayaker you will have to surf those waves to bank some time.

Humanitarian Award

This is awarded to those that help out others. Did you help a newbie down the river? Did you help with a swim or rescue? Did you offer advice to another party about running a rapid? This award is meant to recognize those that give back to the community.

Contributor Award

This is awarded to the user who enters the most river information into Riverbrain. That means any description, rapid info, access info, notes, flow info, etc. Any tidbits and info you add could make you a winner as well as help out the rest of the river community.

Why are we doing this?

    • We believe that by setting goals (such as through a competition) people tend to accomplish more than they thought possible
    • The data that we gather from river log use statistics will help us lobby to keep rivers open and river access available. If we can go to local and federal governmental agencies and show through empirical data that rivers get used, we can help convince officials what the river community wants and needs.
    • Competitions are fun
    • Provides boaters bragging rights to their friends


    • All you need to do is sign the river log for a river run to take part in the competition. Enter your descent date, time spent on the river, and if you helped anyone while on the river.
    • Only rivers listed on riverbrain will be considered in the competition (Don't worry you can add any river you want, if it is not currently listed)

What do I get?

    • We'd like to say we have a ton of sponsors and will give you a paddle or a boat. However, that isn't the case (yet).
    • If you win an award you will be highlighted on the wall of fame (which will show up after the first winners are announced)
    • You can justify all the time and expense of playing on the river to your Mom or significant other
    • Riverbrain will award you a $10 itunes gift card.