Westwater River Log

User Descent Date Notes
dbstrats 09-24-2010 Ran as an overnighter and got off the river on the 25th. Perfect weather, flows around 3500 CFS, and warmer water. Doesn't get much better.
bh5k 04-17-2011 Float from Westwater put-in to Cisco takeout. Weather was a bit chilly, but a great ride for my first WW trip.
dbstrats 04-17-2011 Another great westwater trip. Lots of people in the group and lots of boats. We were spoiled by lashing on to a raft with a motor. Made the west headwind extremely tolerable. Flows around 7000 CFS
alex 04-17-2011 Took my dad down for his birthday, the flow was around 6700 cfs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2koieizByI&hd=1
alex 04-20-2013

Overnight trip with my son. under 2000 cfs. Weather was very nice, we still wore dry suits. People who attended: Bunkers, Ellers, Sean, Jim. Bunkers and Ellers had a little bit of a problem through Skull, but we pushed them through the rocks. We stayed at Little D, which was nicely cleaned up by the rangers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QLBQKjZmKw

conorfell 10-28-2018

18' Raft, Don't Packraft This