Great Salt Lake - Antelope Island Frary Peak - White Rock Loop



* This place is really special, the southern 1/2 of the island is undeveloped, sees no people, and is a veritable Serengeti with herds of deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, buffalo, and birds of every description.
* Five star packraft! Do it in the winter, early spring, and late fall to avoid the bugs and stink.
* Things to bring, long pants, bug spray and binoculars. Things to leave behind, life jacket. The water never gets more than 2-3 ft deep.
* ~7.5hrs moderate pace
* Drive out to Antelope Island State Park, $9/car.
* Park at the buffalo fence at the south end of White Rock campground.
* Take the White Rock Bay Loop, east/ right leg, follow it to it's highest/ southern most point on the ridge, cut off trail angling up to ridge to intersect the Frary Peak Trail
* Continue on Frary trail to the peak via the knife edge scramble (stay on the ridge, don't drop down and right on the main trail)
* Continue south over the top of Frary peak to the prominent west/ right ridge following this down to a saddle then up to Red Rock Peak.
* Follow this Red Rock ridge west, taking north/ right forks as the ridge splits till hitting the water. Keep on the ridge with class 4 scrambing.
* Put in and paddle around Elephant Head, White Rock (really cool rookery), and back to car.
* If you have time, hike out to the Egg Island overlook and paddle out and round the island. Remember it is illegal to land on these rookeries.

Trail Statistics

Author David Nix
Trail Difficulty / Class SK I
Current Reading 4192 Feet
12-14-2016 12:45
Recommended Minimum Reading Level (Feet for USA) 4100
Typical Season Begins: January
Ends: December
Recommended Use Kayaking: Yes
Canoeing: Yes
Sit on Top: No
SUP: Yes
Fishing: No
Length 8.0 Mile(s)