Henefer to Taggert River Log

User Descent Date Notes
lauriecalderone 08-01-2012 I'm a local guide on this area of the Weber. It's a fun two hours on the river. I also SUP this section which is a blast!
alex 05-19-2013

Duckied it in 4 duckies with Ellers. Flow was 280cfs and dropping so it was pretty rocky. We didn't get stuck once though. One duckie tipped over in the first rock garden. My son and I chased the kayak down, while Eller rescued his daughter and girlfriend from the rocks. They were a little cold, but were able to warm up and finish the trip. It was fairly chilly around 65 for the high, but sunny. We haven't seen anyone on the river.



Jonwparker 08-10-2013

At this water level 368 cfs it is pretty marginal. We scraped on many rocks and the rock garden sections were very busy as more rocks were showing.  I am not sure that I would ever run this river at this level again.  400 cfs seems to be the minimum.  It took us about and hour.  We didnt push it.